It can be a difficult moment when one realizes that life is not what they would like it to be.  Therapy can help you come to a new place of understanding of oneself and one's experiences, allowing you to become unstuck and live life to the fullest.  We believe that the goal of therapy is to help you to realize your goals and find the answers within yourself to do this.


We can help you with issues of depression, anxiety, grief, loss, parenting concerns, healing from trauma, life transitions, adoption, divorce, problems at school, loneliness, identity challenges, and work challenges.  It is important to us to not only provide coping skills to manage day to day, but also to work on the underlying issues that are causing the presenting problem.


The initial session is 60 to 90 minutes and will allow us to review the current situation and your history, and to begin to get to know one another.  It is important that you and your therapist are a good fit.  You and your therapist will work together to determine a treatment plan and goals.  Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes each, unless otherwise decided on by you and your therapist.  The duration of therapy is determined by the presenting problem as well as your progress.  The end of therapy is as important as the beginning.  You and your therapist will decide together when it is a good time to end our work.  Goodbyes can be difficult, therefore it is important to have at least 3 sessions after we have decided to end therapy in order to have a strong and healthy goodbye.



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