Children and Families

Adults communicate with words, children communicate through play. Clinicians at Seven Corners Psychotherapy use play, art and other creative techniques to work with children as young as 3 using their language to help them work through confusing and at times disruptive feelings.  We use child centered play therapy to help children improve their ability to manage overwhelming feelings and situations, as well as heal from difficult experiences. In addition, we work with parents to help them understand the messages behind their children's behavior in order to improve behavioral challenges in the home.  


We can help your child and family work on issues of depression, anxiety, grief, loss, behavior issues, parenting concerns, healing from trauma, life transitions, bullying, adoption, divorce, problems at school, loneliness, identity challenges, and challenges getting along with others.  It is important to not only provide coping skills to the child and parents, but also to work on the underlying issues that are causing the presenting problem.


For younger children, the initial 60 minute session is with the parents.  We will review the current situation as well as history and begin to get to know one another.  It is important that your therapist is a good fit for not only your child, but also for you.  After the initial session, your therapist will have 3-4 45 minute sessions with your child, during which an assessment will be completed while working on forming a strong therapeutic relationship.  After this we will have a 45 or 60 minute parent session to review progress both in therapy and at home and determine a treatment plan.  The duration of therapy is determined by the presenting problem as well as the child's progress.  Parent sessions are held regularly throughout in order to ensure that parents and therapist have the information needed to help the child succeed.  


When it is your teenager who needs support, therapists use a combination of talk therapy along with other creative therapies to work through presenting problems.  The initial session is with both the teen and the parents and parent sessions are conducted as needed throughout the process.


Clinicians at Seven Corners Psychotherapy work closely with other adults in the young person's life, such as teachers, guidance counselors, and psychiatrists as needed.  We believe that children thrive when the adults in their life are working together to help them process difficult and overwhelming emotions.


The end of therapy is as important as the beginning.  We will decide together when it is a good time to end our work.  Goodbyes can be difficult, therefore it is important to have at least 3 sessions after we have decided to end therapy in order to have a strong and healthy goodbye.



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